BE-Mechanical (2021-25) | Senior Drivetrain Vertical Member @ CEG Motorsports

Meet Ms. Anupama ,an Aspiring Design Engineer open to identify complex engineering problems and come up with innovative designs. My interest in Automotive Systems and Design led me to CEG Motorsports.Here, we work in building a powertrain that efficiently transmits power to wheels without compensating safety of the driver. I design, test and implement production processes and drivetrain subsystem designs using CAD softwares. Sketching and Public Speaking are my recreations. I currently serve as the Secretary of Towering Speakers Toastmasters Club.

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The Drivetrain of an off-road vehicle is responsible for transmitting power to the wheels, enabling the vehicle to move efficiently. The primary objective of our Drivetrain team is to meticulously design, develop, and seamlessly integrate the Drivetrain system to transmit power to the wheels which includes the design and development of gears, shafts, accelerator pedal and cable. The team collaborates closely with other subsystems, such as the suspension and controls teams, to ensure harmonious interaction between the Drivetrain and the overall Vehicle Dynamics, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the team's endeavours.


Design and development of proximity based smart positioning of tablet incorporated in table under hotel automation. Rack and pinion mechanism is employed for the linear movement of tablet. Aesthetic aspects of the table is improvised with an expander , a rotator and a see through slit.


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