We are Team CEG Motorsports, the SAE Collegiate club of the College of Engineering, Guindy. Our mission is to design and fabricate an ATV every year to compete with teams from all over India in an event that represents the best in the market. Our main goal is to gain knowledge and experience by applying the engineering theories we learn in our academic curriculum.
  Over the past 15 years, we have been actively participating in the BAJA SAE event and have consistently placed in the top quarter of teams. In the previous year, we achieved high rankings in all areas of the competition, showcasing our dedication and talent. Each year, we bring together innovative ideas and new minds as we recruit students to join our team.
  We strive to continually improve and make our club even better. By participating in the BAJA SAE event, we not only aim to excel but also to learn and grow as engineers. Through our collaborative efforts, we create a nurturing environment where students can apply their theoretical knowledge to practical applications. Together, we work towards building a strong, dedicated, and talented team.