BE-Electrical and Electronics (2021-25) | Senior Electrical Drivetrain Member @ CEG Motorsports

Motivated and dedicated Senior Electrical Engineering student with a strong academic foundation and a passion for applying theoretical knowledge to practical engineering projects.I am the current Senior member of Electrical and DAQ of CEG Motorsports. Committed to professional growth and excellence in the field of electrical engineering.

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The Electrical Drivetrain, also known as the e-drive train, harnesses electric motors and batteries to propel the vehicle. Our Electrical Drivetrain and DAQ vertical specializes in designing and developing the electrical tractive system and Grounded Low Voltage system for our electric vehicle. We consider motor characteristics, torque output, efficiency, and control strategies to achieve the desired performance and acceleration. By leveraging their knowledge and skills in Electric Drivetrain design, the team aims to create an e-drive train system that maximizes performance, range, and efficiency.


Leading a dynamic team in the design and development of a gesture-controlled bot(car) utilizing principles of electrical engineering and robotics. The project aimed to create a responsive and interactive robot that could be controlled by hand gestures, providing a unique user experiance.


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