BE-Mechanical (2020-24) | Steering Lead @ CEG Motorsports

I am thrilled to introduce myself as a final year Mechanical Engineering student at College of Engineering, Guindy (CEG). My deep-rooted passion for the automobile industry and my unyielding curiosity have guided my academic journey and driven me to excel in this field. From an early age, I have been captivated by the intricacies of automobiles and the endless possibilities they offer in terms of design, performance, and innovation. This fascination led me to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in the automotive sector. As a testament to my dedication, I have been an active member of the motorsports club at CEG. Looking forward, I am eager to contribute my passion, knowledge, and skills to the dynamic and ever-evolving automobile industry.

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The steering system of the off-road vehicle is responsible for controlling the direction and maneuvrability. The design, development, and integration of the steering system are the major phases. We execute various tests, including steering response evaluations, turning radius measurements, and durability guarantees to design an efficient steering system. We coordinate with other subsystems, such as the suspension, chassis, and powertrain, to ensure proper fitment, clearances, and optimal weight distribution.


The suspension system plays a crucial role in providing stability, handling, and ride comfort to the off-road vehicle. Considering factors such as suspension geometry, kinematics, and compliance with competition regulations. We use CAD software to develop 3D models, perform structural analysis, and optimize the suspension system for weight, durability, and performance. We work with machine tools, welding equipment, and other fabrication processes to fabricate and assemble suspension components accurately ensuring precision, quality, and adherence to design specifications during the manufacturing process.


Designing a specialised setup for tool edge honing, a process that enhances the durability and performance of cutting tools made from brittle materials like carbide. By carefully modifying the cutting edge, we achieved a small radius or rounded profile, which strengthens the edge and reduces the risk of chipping or fracturing.Utilized advanced grinding techniques and precise control mechanisms to ensure consistent and uniform edge rounding.


Designed and fabricated an automatic pneumatic hammer utilising pneumatic circuit elements, including Direction Control Valves and Double Acting Cylinders. The hammering action was automated using Arduino programming based on the provided feed. By integrating these components, we created a functional and efficient pneumatic hammer system


Its a robotic arm which senses the movement of human hand using flex sensors and mimics the movement. In this project I Worked on electrical and coding using Arduino. We made the connections wireless using the HC-05 Bluetooth module and actuated the arm using servo motors according to the signals from flex sensors. Since this was my first project in robotics, it really helped me to explore new things.


The Sales presentation event in BAJA SAEIndia focuses on making a sales pitch, with the objective of convincing the investors of a hypothetical manufacturing company to purchase the team's BAJA SAEINDIA vehicle design and put into production at a rate of 4000 units per year.


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