BE-Mechanical (2020-24) | Alumni Relations Lead | Drivetrain @ CEG Motorsports

I'm Kaviarasan JS, an aspiring Mechanical Engineering student with a passion for automobiles, mechatronics and robotics. I have hands-on experience in automotive projects through my involvement with the SAE Collegiate Club. I thrive on problem-solving and have a keen interest in design, research, and innovation.

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The drivetrain of an off-road vehicle is responsible for transmitting power to the wheels, enabling the vehicle to move efficiently. The primary objective of our drivetrain team is to meticulously design, develop, and seamlessly integrate the drivetrain system to transmit power to the wheels which includes the design and development of gears, shafts, accelerator pedal and cable. The team collaborates closely with other subsystems, such as the suspension and controls teams, to ensure harmonious interaction between the drivetrain and the overall vehicle dynamics, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the team's endeavours.


The braking system is an important aspect of the off-road vehicle that student teams design and build. The team focus on the design and development of individual braking components such as callipers, and pedal assemblies. We utilize engineering principles and computer-aided design (CAD) software to create detailed designs, perform structural analysis, and ensure proper integration with other vehicle systems. We ensure the proper pressure distribution of the hydraulic system, considering some factors such as temperature, and reliability of the components


A movable mounting rig for the CVT made for effective DAQ work. Using a sliding mechanism for changing C2C as well as an integrated engine mount, we used this rig to accurately tune our CVT quickly and effectively.


Designed and fabricated an automatic pneumatic hammer utilising pneumatic circuit elements, including Direction Control Valves and Double Acting Cylinders. The hammering action was automated using Arduino programming based on the provided feed. By integrating these components, we created a functional and efficient pneumatic hammer system


Designing a specialised setup for tool edge honing, a process that enhances the durability and performance of cutting tools made from brittle materials like carbide. By carefully modifying the cutting edge, we achieved a small radius or rounded profile, which strengthens the edge and reduces the risk of chipping or fracturing.Utilized advanced grinding techniques and precise control mechanisms to ensure consistent and uniform edge rounding.


The cost Report provides all the background information to verify the vehicle’s actual cost and also allows the team to present any design features or fabrication processes that are innovative or are expected to result in significant cost savings. I have worked in the cost estimation team and designed the ATV Under budget. During the journey, we explored various real time engineering problems which challenged our effective cost strategy. The overall cost was reduced by 20% compared to the previous year.


Threat Detection System (TDS) is a device that is designed to aid visually impaired people. This device uses ultrasonic signals to detect obstacles/threats around the user and warns the user via haptic feedback. This feedback is given by a feedback belt,which will be made of an elastic material and can be worn anywhere on the torso. The sensors will also be placed in a belt which can be worn like a normal belt


Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) is one of the largest steel-making companies in India and one of the Maharatnas of the country’s Central Public Sector Enterprises.During my Summer Internship at STEEL AUTHORITY OF INDIA, SALEM PLANT, I had the opportunity to visit various divisions, including the Hot Rolling Mill, Cold Rolling Mill, boilers and compressors, and stainless steel production. I worked in the pit control unit, gaining knowledge about the plant's overall functioning. I also investigated manufacturing and finishing methods such as hot rolling, cold rolling, blanking, slitting, shearing, tension leveling, grinding, and polishing.


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