BE-Mechanical (2020-24) | Industrial Relations Lead @ CEG Motorsports

I am a dedicated mechanical engineer with a strong passion for automobiles. Through my technical expertise and knowledge in mechanical engineering principles, I strive to contribute to the advancement of automotive technology. With a keen interest in emerging technologies and a hands-on approach, I am committed to improving the performance, efficiency, and overall experience of vehicles.

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The steering system of the off-road vehicle is responsible for controlling the direction and maneuvrability. The design, development, and integration of the steering system are the major phases. We execute various tests, including steering response evaluations, turning radius measurements, and durability guarantees to design an efficient steering system. We coordinate with other subsystems, such as the suspension, chassis, and powertrain, to ensure proper fitment, clearances, and optimal weight distribution.


This project aims to develop a solution for visually impaired people who want to commute inside our college campus or any other gated community with the help of a robot that acts as a guide. This robot will be able to find its way inside the campus by choosing the shortest path between its starting location and its destination. It will then guide the visually impaired person through the path. The visually impaired person will be able to hold on to the Robot by a chain. This robot is inspired by guide dogs used by visually impaired people and aims to replace them as guide dogs usually need to be selected and trained meticulously. This robot will aim to make the campus more friendly for visually impaired people.


Robot welding cell developed using RoboStudio improve their production by automating the welding production.


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