BE-Mechanical (2021-25) | Senior Rollcage Vertical Member @ CEG Motorsports

A Dynamic Mechanical Engineering Student who always has an endless thirst for knowledge. A dedicated and organized person trying to achieve excellence with my conscious efforts. Equally effective in a leadership or hands-on role. Special interest in expanding my knowledge in the field of Design and Automobile. Willing to find a relevant opportunity to mould myself.

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The Roll Cage is a critical safety component of the off-road vehicle, designed to protect the driver in the event of a rollover or impact. Using 3D CAD software We optimize the design for strength, stiffness, and weight. We consider factors such as material selection, tubing diameter and thickness. We work with metal fabrication tools, such as tube benders and welders, to fabricate and assemble the roll cage accurately. Static load testing and dynamic impact testing are done to evaluate the Roll Cage's performance under different scenarios to maximize safety.


The cost Report provides all the background information to verify the vehicle’s actual cost and also allows the team to present any design features or fabrication processes that are innovative or are expected to result in significant cost savings. I have worked in the cost estimation team and designed the ATV Under budget. During the journey, we explored various real time engineering problems which challenged our effective cost strategy. The overall cost was reduced by 20% compared to the previous year. My work includes study on cost effective techniques and parameters, Documentation and Presentation.


The Smart Table provides a platform for people to order their food without the need of a labour in the restaurants using smart gadgets like tablets and smart phones. Smart Table includes a sensor network feature data which is monitored and displayed on a website by digital technology to provide a seamless streamlined user experience. Being prompt/Responding timely to a request is one of the first and minimum expectations guests expect from a hotel. The restaurant table characteristics also have impact on meal duration and spending. In today’s world, visitors always prefer advanced technology especially hands-free and hassle-free throughout their visit in restaurant.


The project aims to build a 3 axes robotic arm, articulated using pneumatic actuators. The main drive system for the robotic arm is linear pneumatic actuation controlled by 5/2-way single solenoid operated spring returned Directional Control Valve (DCV) and a normally closed valve. The design of the arm for this project implements pulley and string mechanism to convert linear actuation to angular actuation about the joint. To optimize range of motion, the robotic arm is driven using dynamic manipulation of string mounted over a pulley.


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