BE-Mechanical (2021-25) | Senior Suspension Vertical Member @ CEG Motorsports

Budding goal-oriented and results-driven Mechanical Engineering student with a passion for designing innovative solutions to complex problems and curious to explore new domains of interest with great self motivation in incorporating the various fields of knowledge !

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The suspension system plays a crucial role in providing stability, handling, and ride comfort to the off-road vehicle. Considering factors such as suspension geometry, kinematics, and compliance with competition regulations. We use CAD software to develop 3D models, perform structural analysis, and optimize the suspension system for weight, durability, and performance. We work with machine tools, welding equipment, and other fabrication processes to fabricate and assemble suspension components accurately ensuring precision, quality, and adherence to design specifications during the manufacturing process.


The Sales presentation event in BAJA SAEIndia focuses on making a sales pitch, with the objective of convincing the investors of a hypothetical manufacturing company to purchase the team's BAJA SAEINDIA vehicle design and put into production at a rate of 4000 units per year.


As a Multimedia Lead, I play a vital role in helping our club expand its reach both online and offline maintaining a healthy connect with people by engaging our audience with interactive videos, posters, animations and images. The diverse talents and ideas from our team contributed to creating compelling visual content that resonated with our audience. By efficiently assigning tasks and collaborating with others, we achieved remarkable results maintaining a strong social media presence. I take pride in the impact we made on the team's growth in the internet forum which resulted in the positive collaboration with leading industries.


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