BE-Mechanical (2021-25) | Senior Suspension Vertical Member @ CEG Motorsports

A zealous undergraduate student pursuing Mechanical Engineer in College of Engineering , Guindy. A person who is optimistic and love to work with a team. Engaging in problem-solving is a personal pursuit that I actively pursue with a professional mindset and expertise.. Striving to improve my skills in the field of design everyday and solve

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The suspension system plays a crucial role in providing stability, handling, and ride comfort to the off-road vehicle. Considering factors such as suspension geometry, kinematics, and compliance with competition regulations. We use CAD software to develop 3D models, perform structural analysis, and optimize the suspension system for weight, durability, and performance. We work with machine tools, welding equipment, and other fabrication processes to fabricate and assemble suspension components accurately ensuring precision, quality, and adherence to design specifications during the manufacturing process.


In my role as a sales representative, a key responsibility was designing an efficient factory layout within the sales report for BAJA. Collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, I strategically organized various compartments to support diverse manufacturing processes required for delivering 4000 vehicles annually. Considerations included optimizing workflow, ensuring proper equipment placement, and adhering to safety regulations. The layout facilitated a logical flow of materials and personnel, minimizing disruptions and maximizing productivity. Additionally, scalability was factored in to accommodate future growth. The result was an effective factory layout that had an enhanced operational efficiency and did contribute to the Sales Report for BAJA 2023.


As the Procurement Lead, I am responsible for strategically assigning capable team members to handle procurement tasks, primarily focused on fabrication. I ensure that the assigned team members are well-equipped to efficiently complete the job. Additionally, I take charge of collecting and organizing pertinent data related to procurement activities, ensuring its availability for future utilization as needed. By effectively managing both the human resources and data aspects of procurement, The progress of the team do not slow down in the fabrication phase.


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