BE-Mechanical (2020-24) | Database and Documentation Lead | Rollcage @ CEG Motorsports

A inquisitive engineer with multidisciplinary work experience wanting to address real-world challenges for personal gratification.

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The roll cage is a critical safety component of the off-road vehicle, designed to protect the driver in the event of a rollover or impact. Using 3d CAD software We optimize the design for strength, stiffness, and weight. We consider factors such as material selection, tubing diameter and thickness. We work with metal fabrication tools, such as tube benders and welders, to fabricate and assemble the roll cage accurately. Static load testing and dynamic impact testing are done to evaluate the roll cage's performance under different scenarios to maximize safety.


The Regenerative Suspension System is a project aimed at developing a linear electromagnetic generator that can be integrated into a bike suspension system. This system utilizes the suspension action of the bike to generate electricity, thereby providing a sustainable and renewable power source for various applications with the system efficiency peaking at around 70 %.


The entire rollcage of the ATV relies on the proper fabrication of the weldments. An efficient way of creating the perfect weldments is done by notching the tubes with the help of CATIA V5. The 3 dimensional CAD model is used to generate 2 dimensional intersecting profiles which are printed onto papers and then fabricated accordingly to ensure air tight weldments.


The project mainly focuses on improving the safety and comfort of the rider. Safety is a follow-up of the structural rigidity of the chassis. To ensure the comfort of the driver during long drives, we analyze the sitting posture angles, steering elevation and angle, pedal placements, and safety gear positions and optimize them for a better ride. we’ve performed RULA and REBA for optimal positioning of the seat, pedal, steering, and other driver accessories using CATIA V5. A real case scenario was tested for the same.


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